Certus International Inc. Industrial Injuries Insurance is provided by Lloyd´s. Lloyd´s is specialised in making specific insurances for large groups/ associations – athletes amongst others.

Therefore, the insurance can be tailor-made precisely for the group in question with a lower premium.

The low premium is not the only significant improvement in comparison to standard industrial injuries insurances. For instance, the degree of permanent injury chart has been improved. This means that the degrees of permanent injury established by the National Board of Industrial Injuries have been raised in some cases, so that the injured is given a greater compensation than would normally be the case.

To take out the insurance send Certus an email: martin@certus-forsikring.dk. You can also  email Certus  with any further questions you might have about the insurance or call Certus International: (+45) 42 50 44 20.
Taking out the right insurance is a matter of more than just the size of the premium. Therefore, Håndbold Spiller Foreningen gives our members the opportunity to get advice and further information about the offer from an insurance counsellor. If you and your team are interested send us an email: kontakt@haandboldspiller.dk or call (+45) 33 12 11 28. Håndbold Spiller Foreningen will then establish the contact for you.