Håndbold Spiller Foreningen offers contract negotiation for players who have found a club and wish assistance in negotiating a contract.

Furthermore, any player can always send us their contracts for the secretariat to read through and comment on.

Who can make use of the contract negotiation offer?
Contract negotiation is an offer for all players in the first division and the lowest-paid players in the leagues.
Until HSF establishes a new agent arrangement all members can make use of our contract negotiation offer.

Contact HSF’s secretariat for further information.

How much does it cost?
Contract negotiation costs the player 2% of one year’s salary. The minimum cost, however, is 3000 kr. (VAT included).

What does contract negotiation consist of?
Contract negotiation will be undertaken by a member of the secretariat. The secretariat determines how assistance will be provided. Assistance primarily consists of counselling by telephone and direct negotiation with the club. If you wish any further assistance terms of payment must be established for your specific case.

Please be advised that our contract negotiation develops as a concept as our members make use of it.