Håndbold Spiller Foreningen cooperates with EliteLab Denmark,  who are experts with physiological training and development. The hope is that amny of HSF's members will use and benefit from the offer from EliteLab Denmark. Director of HSF Michael Sahl Hansen is thrilled about the offer and says: - We are happy to be able to offer our members a serious and credible offering related to physical training. I am certain that many handball players, in particular the younger ones, will be able to benefit hugely from cooperating with EliteLab Denmark.

The special about the offering, is that multiple professions, including physiotherapists and physiologists, are making an overall assessment of the player and what she or he needs to develop hers or his physique and talent. But the player is also able to influence the training regime in order to achieve optimal motivation to stick to it. In addition to this the player will be tested 2-3 a season to track the development and adapt the training to the results.

For prices and further information, contact HSF at kontakt@haandboldspiller.dk or (+45) 33 12 11 28.