Hjernerystelsesforeningen is a nationwide patient association, there are working to make a positive different for people, who are suffering of acute or long-term consequences of concussions.

As a member of Håndbold Spiller Foreningen you can avail yourself of Hjernerystelsesforeningens helpline, if you need help pt good advices about handling a concussion.

Hjernerystelsesforeningens helpline
Contact:  +45 42 92 77 15
Hjernerystelsesforeningen do not have scheduled phone time, so do not expect that the phone will be taken, when you call in. Leave a message instead or sent a text message and they will call you back. You can also send a mail to telefon@hjernerystelsesforeningen.dk with you issue and your contact information.

Be aware of that the helpline is reserved to the persons with concussion, as well as professionals who want knowledge and advices. The helpline is staffed by volunteers, who have concussion themselves, then show respect. 

One confiscation will typical be on for maximum 25 minutes, in consideration of the overload of speaking in a phone, with a concussion.