Do you want that cutting edge which will make you stand out from the crowd when it really matters?
Do you want to make the best of yourself and your teammates in stressful situations?
Do you want to optimize every single minute of your training?
Do you want help to handle concerns about injuries, transfers, playing time or contractual obligations?

If your answer is yes to one of these questions, SportsMentality can help you. Through personal and confidential interviews the challenge you face or the thing you want to improve will be the starting point and focus for the places you can optimize mentally as a handball player. SportsMentality support and challenge you through the whole process and helps you reach your goals.

The interviews take place either at your place, somewhere in your club where you can be undisturbed, in a clinic in Odense or by Skype. Every interview lasts 60 minutes and the contact will be maintained, by phone if required, between the interviews. There is confidentiality and all information about the content of the interviews will therefore be held confidential.

Membership benefits
As a member of Håndbold Spiller Foreningen you will get a free and casual clarifying interview, which will take place either face to face or by Skype. Besides that you will get every interview for kr. 500,- exclusive possible transport costs. Normal price is kr. 600,-.

About SportsMentality
SportsMentality specializes in psychological optimizing of athletes through their long-term university educations, continuing educations and many years of individual courses with talents and elite-athletes. SportsMentality are represented in Team Danmarks network of external consultants, on the board of Dansk Idrætspsykologisk Forum and teach in sports psychology at Syddansk University.

You can read more about SportsMentality here or directly contact them at or by phone: 61 60 94 51.

If you have questions regarding Håndbold Spiller Forenings cooperation with SportsMentality you can contact us at or by phone: 33 12 11 28.