First of all, it is important to get the correct medical treatment to minimise the damage and to avoid that the injury becomes permanent. It is therefore very important that you take your own welfare into consideration and don’t  rush your rehabilitation.

Of course, you should be careful not to start training or playing again before you are fully fit. It will do you no good to start prematurely because you feel obligated to do so. It is your body and therefore your responsibility to make sure that it is not overly strained.

How to Report an Injury
If the injury is such that it becomes permanent or leads to permanent loss of ability to work you can get compensation from the industrial injuries insurance taken on by your club. Find out more about industrial injuries insurance HERE. 

When reporting an injury it is important that you follow the steps listed below to ensure that it is done correctly and in accordance with work-related injury legislation. Following the steps will also shorten the processing time required to handle your case.

  • Contact the doctor employed by your club to get an estimate of the extent of the injury and how grave it is
  • If the injury is grave enough to be covered by the industrial injury insurance contact Håndbold Spiller Foreningen. We are highly experienced in reporting and pursuing such cases. It is very important that the injury is reported correctly the first time. HSF has, in co-operation with Spillerforeningen, the greatest expertise in precisely that area. If you are not sure how grave the injury is, or if you have any questions regarding insurance contact Håndbold Spiller Foreningen on tel. (+45) 3312 1128.
  • After contact with HSF’s  legal department your case will be undertaken by HSF if you wish for us to do so. Together we can then make sure that your case is handled correctly.