Industrial Injury Insurance
As your employer, your club is obligated to take out industrial injury insurance. The industrial injury insurance only covers permanent injury, loss of ability to work, loss of provider and expenses for rehabilitation. According to the standard contract your club is required to hand out a copy of all its insurance policies to any player who is stated as a beneficial. If the gravity of an injury is such that it is thought to result in one or more of the mentioned consequences, it must be reported to the National Board of Industrial Injuries.

The doctor employed in your club is responsible for estimating the gravity of the injury. If the doctor is not sure whether to report the injury it should be done. Members of Håndbold Spiller Foreningen can always ask us to make the estimate. As your employer, your club is obligated to report your injury to the National Board of Industrial Injuries in 9 days. However, you should always report it yourself since the clubs do not always comply with this rule. HSF can help you make the report and make sure that this is done correctly.

In our experience it happens far too often that a doctor employed by a club or a player’s own doctor has insufficient knowledge of the requirements to fulfil when reporting an injury. The result is that the case of injury is not handled in accordance with the incident and the requirements for industrial injuries established by the National Board of Industrial Injuries. As injured you can report an injury to the National Board of Industrial Injuries up to a year after its occurrence.

Career Stop Insurance and Full Time Industrial Injury Insurance
Your club is not obligated to take these types of insurance but during contract negotiation it’s always a good idea to try to get more comprehensive coverage than the compulsory industrial injury insurance provides. If you cannot persuade the club to insure you further you should take on such insurances yourself. Please note that your industrial injury insurance should be a full time insurance and that it should not exclude professional sports.