It can be just as relevant for a professional handball player to become a member of an unemployment fund as any other employee. Normally the only significant difference is that handball players are employed on fixed-term contracts, meaning that the employment is irrevocable for a specific period. The majority of employees have a notice of resignation of typically one to three months.

Hence the average employee can risk becoming unemployed with relatively short notice. Typically a professional handball player is able to predict at what point his employment will end at the earliest. However, injuries and other circumstances can change this, since a player can be put in a situation where the most appropriate solution would be to terminate the employment prematurely. 

Being a member of an unemployment fund guarantees employees a certain income in a period of unemployment provided that you are entitled to unemployment benefits.

If you do not become a member of an unemployment fund in time, you can ask for cash benefits at your local authority if you lose your job.

Offer of Unemployment Fund

Håndbold Spiller Foreningen offers its members the opportunity of being admitted to Dansk Metal Unemployment Fund. This is especially important for players without a contract, since you will get the opportunity of receiving unemployment benefits while being without a job.


To receive your unemployment benefits a number of terms and conditions must be met:

• You must have been a member of an unemployment fund for at least one year.
• As a full-time insured you must have worked at least 1.924 hours within the last three years, while having been a member of the unemployment fund. Part-time insured must have worked at least 1.258 hours. If you are employed on a contract basis, the contents of your contract will be assessed to see if you meet the requirements.
• You must be registered at the job centre via www.jobnet.dk.
• You must be available for the labour market.
• Your place of residence must be in Denmark. Please note that certain rules apply if you live or work outside the country.
• In 2016 the dues for full-time insured are DKK 489 a month. The optional retirement contribution is DKK 488 a month.

If you become unemployed 

If you become unemployed you must go to the Digital Unemployment Fund at www.danskmetal.dk/a-kasse. Here you can fill out a certificate of unemployment and have the possibility of contacting the unemployment fund. Also remember to sign up at www.jobnet.dk.


Kresten Blæsild, adviser, telephone: +45 22 32 18 55 kresten.blaesild@spillerforeningen.dk.
Dansk Metal, Martin Doré, telephone: +45 33 63 22 00, e-mail: mado@danskmetal.dk,