HSF is an association of male and female handball players in Denmark and Danish players abroad. Therefore, you as a foreigner can become a member if you comply with these criteria:

Types of membership
There are four types of membership for men and women. Which membership you should apply for depends on your status as a handball player.

Amateur member - if you play handball on an amateur level in the Danish handball league or the first division.
Contract member – if you play handball on a contract either in the Danish handball league or the first division.
Professional member abroad – if you play handball abroad and hold Danish citizenship.
Associated member – if you play in the second division in Denmark (whether on a contract or as an amateur). The membership fees of associated members are set in accordance with the classification above.



To become a member send us an email here with the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Zip code
  • City
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Civil registration number (10 digits)
  • Club
  • Status: Se status here

If you play handball in the second division and are not on the first team of any club in the league or in the first division please state in the email that you are signing up as an associated member.

Preferred method of payment:
You can transfer the money to Håndbold Spiller Foreningen’s account: 
Reg. no.: 9287
Account no.: 4560006301
Please remember to state your name when making the transference!

If you choose this option while abroad you will need the following information: 
IBAN: DK4993144560006301

As a member you can edit your personal data to state any changes in your contact information to let us know if you have transferred to a new club etc. Please remember to keep your data updated so we always send you the relevant information.



Resigning your membership of HSF must be done in writing with at least a 6 months notice prior to either June 30 or December 31 or prior to resignation from a position in the professional handball environment.

These terms of resignation were added in our ordinances following the board of representatives meeting in June 2007. We informed you members of these changes in the newsletter sent on August 10, 2007.