Spillerforeningen has established STUDY4PLAYER in co-operation with University of Southern Denmark, because it becomes increasingly difficult for footballers and handball players, amongst others, to combine sport with an education that assures them new challenges when their sports career comes to an end.

STUDY4PLAYER wishes to improve your opportunities as a handball player in Denmark combining education with elite handball.
What kind of education you choose is up to you as long as your choice is in accordance with the societal development so that the skills and knowledge you gain will be compatible with the needs of private and public companies.

The purpose of STUDY4PLAYER is to provide counselling and guidance to assist you in choosing and planning your education. STUDY4PLAYER can advise you on all types of education ranging from single subjects as part of a Higher Preparation Examination Course to physiotherapist and Master’s degrees in Business Economics, etc.
STUDY4PLAYER helps establish contact between you and the educational institution so that a schedule can be made specifically for you and in that way make sure your examinations don’t clash with matches or training.
Contact Information 
Kresten Blæsild
Educational counsellor
tel. (+45) 22 32 18 55