Håndbold Spiller Foreningen (HSF) is the Danish Handball Players’ Association, an independent association that represents and safeguards the interests of handball players in Denmark and Danish players abroad. We provide personal counselling, fight for collective improvements and promote Danish elite handball by developing the conditions for handball players over time.

Personal Guidance
HSF and our team of external advisors provide personal counselling in, amongst others, legal matters, tax conditions and issues of contracts, in fact any factors that influence the everyday life of an elite handball player. 

Collective Improvements
HSF seeks to improve the general conditions for elite handball players in Denmark and Danish players abroad and to protect and develop their collective commercial rights.

Promoting Danish Elite Handball
HSF works to develop and promote Danish elite handball in a responsible and sensible way by actively participating in the debate about Danish handball. The aim is to raise awareness of demands as well as issues in handball.

HSF helps elite handball players formulate constructive demands resulting from the professional handball environment.