Legislation & Contracts

Fortunately, an increasing number of players realise the importance of getting counselling and advice prior to signing a contract. Many problems that arise in contract negotiations could have been avoided through competent assistance. Keep in mind that your interests and the interests of the club you negotiate with are not always identical.

Moreover, there are many factors to take into account before you sign a contract. It’s not only a matter of cash. Issues of insurance, the duration of the contract and which possibilities you are assured in the field are central. Many aspects should be considered, and making use of Handbold Spiller Foreningen’s expertise during contract negotiations helps you avoid potential problems and pitfalls.

Disagreements with the Club
Most of the time in HSF is dedicated to helping players that have some kind of problem with their contract.

The nature of the problem varies, but in most cases the heart of the matter is that the club in question is unwilling to pay the player the amount it is obligated to pay under the contract. The club may suddenly refuse to pay a player’s salary, different kinds of bonuses, holiday allowances or payment for a promised job. Though the arguments of the clubs vary greatly they have one thing in common: they are rarely fair. No matter the reasons for the disagreement, one thing is for certain: handling the problem on your own as a player is not a pleasant affair. This is precisely why HSF is always ready to assist you.

Our experience shows that the sooner we are informed of a problem, the greater our chances are to solve it in the way that best suits you. The same principle applies if you or your club wish to dissolve your contract. The faster you inform HSF of the problem, the better the solution.