Elite athletes are determined, focused, competitive people in great physical condition. These characteristics are particularly valuable to the corporate world.

Therefore, Spillerforeningen has developed the JOB4PLAYER project with the purpose of giving partner companies the opportunity to connect with and hire footballers, handball players and other elite athletes to benefit from their skills and abilities.

CV database and partner companies
It’s a good idea to create a profile in JOB4PLAYER’s  CV database so that partner companies can find and contact you if you match their needs.

You can also contact the JOB4PLAYER companies directly to enquire about your job possibilities.

JOB4PLAYER is always ready to help you with both.

Get JOB4PLAYER services through a salary sacrifice scheme

  • Get targeted counselling on changing your career
  • Finance it through a salary sacrifice scheme and get significant economic savings
  • An example: through a  salary sacrifice scheme, counselling worth 12.000 kr. will only cost you about 500 kr. a month for a year
  • A salary sacrifice scheme can also be made for education-related expenses
  • We have a standard form and a guide for you and your club
  • Services included in a salary sacrifice scheme must be paid for  over a period of 12 months, regardless of the duration of the counselling  – contact us for further information

Kresten Blæsild
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